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      <li><span>TEL: </span>0086-871-66383852</li>
      <li><span>FAX: </span>0086-871-68303441</li>
      <li><span>WEB: </span>www.ynjgy.com</li>

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  • 汕头佳巨浩商贸有限公司


Here, in Yunnan College of Business Management, we are seeking some foreign teachers for our language teaching for summer term in Anning campus. Foreign teachers from Britain, America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea and Thailand are wanted. The requirement for a foreign teacher is that he or she must get a bachelor’s degree and two-year teaching experience at least. The college has two campuses. One is located in Kunming, another is in Anning city, one hour travel between two campuses. Welcome your participation. The following is a brief introduction of our college:
Yunnan College of Business Management was established in 1992. YCBM, authorized by the People's Government of Yunnan Province and filed to the Ministry of Education, was ungraded to a full-time vocational college awarding national approved diploma in 2004.
Yunnan College of Business Management has two campuses with an area of about 892,440 Square Meters: Haiyuan and Anning campus. The college currently has 20 thousand students and a combined staff of 1223. Total fix assets amount to approximately one billion RMB. Teaching equipment purchased to date is valued at 53900 thousand RMB. The paper books in library have reached 106180 thousand volumes. The college has over 10 foreign instructors offering an excellent environment for learning foreign languages.
Based in Yunnan Province, the college is open to the rest of China as well as being orientated internationally so as to contribute to the socio-economical development of the region. There are 43 majors right now with an emphasis on economics and management. It has realized the coordinated development among economics, management, business, arts, science, law and medicine. When paying more attention to full-time higher vocational education, the college has already developed continuing education, community education and overseas students education. Recently, the college consists of Accounting and Finance School, Business School, Humanities School, Engineering School, Computer and Arts Designing School, Foreign Languages School, Rehabilitation and Nursing School, International Webcasting School, Continuing Education School and International School.
In the 20-year practice of running school, the college has consistently adhered to its core values of cultivating talented individuals and placing emphasis on teaching process. The college insists on school philosophy of “student oriented, teaching with love, inspirational, pursuit of excellence. Through excellent educational service, every student can realize all-round development so as to cultivate qualified talents for our nation.” Establishing and practicing the development road of "operated by experts, stood by quality, strengthened by features and developed by employment rate". It has grown up to be a college with the largest scale, reasonable major setting, higher level of running school, leading teaching quality, strong comprehensive strength and clear teaching characteristics in Yunnan province, even in China.
When confronted with new situations, developments or tasks, all members of YCBM will unite together under a common goal to develop a new educational philosophy and an advanced education model. The purpose of swallowing anything and learning everything widely from others' strong points is to make all students learn more and provide strong talents support for local and regional economic development.
The salary for teachers: bachelor—6000 yuan/month, master--6500 yuan/month and doctor—7000 yuan/month. 400 yuan for water and electricity allowance. Airticket assistance: 10000 yuan/year for teachers from Western countries and 5000 yuan/year for teachers from Asian countries. We will provide a 65 square meter free apartment with fridge, washing machine, microwave oven, TV, computer and drinking water. Holiday allowance is the same to other Chinese teachers. And yearly bonus.
Add: 296 Haitun Road, Wuhua District, Kunming, Yunnan Province, People’s Republic of China
PC: 650106
Tel: (0086-871) 66383852 /13888022551
Fax: (0086-871) 68303441
Person to contact: Sophia Yu
Website: http://www.ynjgy.com
E-mail: 550886514@qq.com
If you are interested in our college, please send your following materials to us:

1. Copy of passport
2. Copy of degree certificate
3. Resume (including education and working introduction)
4. Recommendation letter.
5. Physical qualification.
6. Frontal hatless pictures
Of course, if you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask us.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely yours,
Sophia Yu
International Exchange and Cooperation Office
Yunnan College of Business Management

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